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Ski School

There are only qualified ski instructors. With 35 years of experience, the professionals at the ski school in Mayrhofen know how to achieve results fast, and learn to skiing in Mayrhofen.

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“Quick & Safe” - The motto of the Skischool in Mayrhofen & rental department throughout its 35 years. Not only does the Skischool offer the highest quality.

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The secret of the Snowbard Instructors success is, in the shortest time, to attain the most progress. This makes the learning fun & enjoyable, combining it with a great experience.

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Since 35 years on the piste & in ski hire

Mayrhofen in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Suitable equipment for the ski course

If you do not already have the right equipment, you are in the right hands at SKI PRO AUSTRIA.

The sports shop in Mayrhofen offers the appropriate ski and snowboard equipment exclusively from well-known winter sports brands.

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